Okay, cool. Oh, so you did that a lot back then? I never had the chance to. I don’t think it’s a thing with med students or, you know, they never invited me because they think I’m boring or something. Shame on them.


I was blessed with an art student roommate and best friend on my first day of Uni and things haven’t been different since. You know, if you ever want to be included I’m sure my friends and I can find room for a newbie. I mean, only if you ever want to try it but, I mean, Med School is a huge deal. 


Well, don’t eat the whole pan. 


Thanks Captain Obvious.


But you do smoke. Pitty. I use to date a smoker. Kissing was like licking up ash and her clothes always smelled dank.image

I smoke occasionally when stressed and on holidays - especially ones that used to mean something to me.



You’re right. Your relationship with Will is already damaged enough with this horrid house of cards you created. How could you do that to him, Lottie? You are merciless, woman. WAIT - Hold the train. Does that mean Liam is Will’s favorite member of One Direction?! Do you hear that sound, Lottie? It’s the sound of leverage.

I’ve ruined everything, Kingsley. He’s going to break my heart over One Direction, it’s a shame. -laughs- I dunno who his favorite is but I know that I’ve created a sham of our relationship by lying about thinking the one who looks like a member of Mumford and Sons is better than the one who looks like he’s carved out of stone and kissed by the gods.

Title: Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You
Artist: Arctic Monkeys
Played: 11 times



Will felt like this was a booty call of sorts, except Lottie said she wanted to make out. Of course, with them, making out always led to something more, but still. It was like uni all over again. It was different now. They were just days away from being together three months which was just insane to Will. It didn’t feel like three months had passed since he confessed that he loved her, but at the same time, it felt like it had been so much longer. “Hi,” he whispered back, and his arm wrapped around her waist as she kissed him. 


"Hi," She smiled as her lips were pressed against his. Charlotte pressed her body against his, laughing like a school girl. Childish is all this was. Nothing felt more high school than making out with an attractive boy on her bed. "Hi, hi, hi," she continued to whisper as she pressed her forehead to his, looking him in the eyes for a moment.



Will laughed at the first message he got from Lottie. She was absolutely ridiculous, but he figured he’d play along. If he got a hot make out session out of it, listening to the Arctic Monkeys vinyl would be fine. He didn’t absolutely love their music, but it put Lottie in the mood. Will grabbed his keys and headed out the door, walking next door and letting himself in. After making his way to Lottie’s room, he climbed into her bed and pecked her lips. “Hello.”


Lottie was feeling - well, Lottie was feeling needy. All she wanted was to curl up in a ball and listen to the Arctic Monkeys and spend time with her boyfriend of nearly three months. Everything was going incredibly well, almost too well, however Charlotte didn’t care. Sitting in her room beneath the covers she waited for Will to sneak on in. It felt like college all over again, Will sneaking into her place just like he would sneak into her dorm room when Regan was out. “Well, hello stranger,” she whispered as he snuck into her bed before pressing her lips to his. 

willottie | textWill: You're the perfect girlfriend. You know me so well.
Lottie: Tick tock tick tock tick tock.

willottie | textWill: I'll be right over.
Lottie: Door's unlocked. Vinyl is on turntable. My pants are already off, I left the bra on because I know you like having the satisfaction of tearing that off on your own.

willottie | textLottie: Will I got the Arctic Monkeys album on vinyl finally so you better get your arse over here. I love you enough to make out with you to the Arctic Monkeys. I don't even care whether we cuddle after just get over here. Now. Immediately. You have 10 minutes.